Brachioplasty – ARM LIFT

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BrachioplastyBrachioplasty, also known as an arm lift is a procedure performed by Dr. Hardy in which the excess skin and fat is removed from the arm and the skin is tightened. This is done via an incision on the inside of the upper arm and can extend into the axilla (arm pit) to minimize the visibility of the incision. Aging, weight loss and general skin tone can contribute to sagging skin of the upper arm.

Who Is in Need of a Brachioplasty?

Patients who are in need of tightening the skin on their upper arms or reducing upper-arm fat would be the perfect candidates for a brachioplasty. Ideal candidates are in good health and have realistic expectations for the results of their procedure.

Patients who recently underwent a surgical procedure must heal completely before undergoing an arm lift. Smokers must quit in advance of their arm lift and must avoid smoking during the recovery process.

Your Consultation

Patients who want to get a brachioplasty will first need to schedule a consultation. During the visit, the steps involved in the arm lift procedure will be explained so that the patient will be prepared. The patient will also be asked questions about their health and medical history.

Any questions or concerns that patients may have about the procedure can be asked during the consultation. Once all concerns have been addressed, a date will be set for the surgery.

Brachioplasty Aftercare

Following brachioplasty, patients can expect some mild discomfort and bruising around the affected areas. Strenuous activities should be avoided during the recovery period, including heavy lifting. Instructions on how to care for and clean the incisions will be provided.

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