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Post-surgery lymphatic massage employs a targeted manual massage to reduce post-surgical swelling and promote healing. Accumulated lymph fluid in tissues causes swelling and slows the release of antibodies. This massage technique stimulates the drainage of lymph fluid. Dr. Hardy highly recommends that his patients arrange a post-surgery lymphatic massage in Jacksonville with our licensed massage therapist.

What Is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is the body’s natural cleansing mechanism and is vital in defending against infection and disease. Lymph fluid containing wastes and toxins leaks from blood vessels into tissues and then drains from the tissues through a network of tubes. The fluid is filtered through the body’s lymph nodes before entering the bloodstream.

Without a functional lymphatic system, the body swells and aches from accumulated lymph fluid, and defensive white blood cells stored in the lymph nodes, spleen, and thymus are not released.

Who Should Have a Post-Surgical Lymphatic Massage?

The therapeutic benefits of lymphatic massage after surgery have been proven effective in reducing swelling and promoting quicker recovery. Dr. Hardy strongly encourages his patients to receive at least six post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage sessions.

How Does Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage Work?

After surgery, it is normal for the body to generate more lymph fluid in response to trauma or injury. This gentle, rhythmic massage of the lymph nodes will give a helping hand to the lymphatic system as it works to flush away fluid, bacteria, and toxins, stimulate healing defenses, and keep the swelling at a minimum. We have a licensed massage therapist on board that can help you jumpstart the cleansing process and start healing!

What to Expect After a Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage

No recovery time is required after a lymphatic drainage massage, but some patients experience fatigue and achiness and should rest to help the surgical healing process. The body can become dehydrated afterward, so drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol for 24 hours, and wear looser clothing to allow maximum fluid flush.

How Much Does a Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage Cost?

The cost of a lymphatic massage varies based on the amount of treatment time during each session. Our office staff can provide price information when you schedule a massage appointment.

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