Body Plastic Surgery Procedures Jacksonville

Sometimes an individual’s body just doesn’t respond to exercise or diet; or doesn’t respond in all the right places. Dr. Hardy can discuss many safe and effective procedures for you to consider for achieving the body you’ve always desired. Eliminating fatty tissues and correcting the effects of aging doesn’t always come from adopting a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly, although both are highly recommended as pre-op and post-operative interventions. You will have time to speak directly with Jacksonville’s own Dr. Hardy about your body contouring options during your initial doctor’s visit. You don’t have to let Mother Nature win. At the Jacksonville Plastic Surgery center, our physicians can perform the cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries you need to correct your medical problems or spice-up your body image.

Buttocks Enhancement

Tummy Tuck


Mommy Makeover

Body Lift


Cosmetic Weight Loss Solutions

Cosmetic Weight Loss Solutions