There are three primary procedures that people who want to have work done on their breasts have: augmentation, lift, and reduction. Surgeons like Dr. Hardy will discuss each procedure during individual consultations, but here’s a quick introduction to all three surgeries available at our practice.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation increases the circumference of your breasts, which might also increase their weight. 

During this procedure, the surgeon will insert either fat from another part of your body, particularly if you’re combining procedures with something like liposuction, or artificial implants. The surgeon will meet with you first to determine how big you want your breasts to be and will then choose the right size of the implant or fat deposit to achieve the look you desire.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction could decrease the circumference of your breasts, bring them closer to your chest wall, or both. Having sore shoulders, a sore back, or both are the most common reasons for breast reduction. You might also want perky rather than large, or even huge, breasts. The procedure could also be part of an overall treatment for cancer as an alternative to a mastectomy.

Breast Lift

A breast lift doesn’t change the size of your breasts. Rather, it tightens loose or sagging skin and raises your breasts to a more comfortable and better-looking height. Breast lifts are common after pregnancy and when people reach middle age. As they say, gravity sometimes takes over.

What’s the Right Breast Procedure for You?

Simply put, if you want bigger, then have an augmentation. For smaller, have a reduction. And, for repositioning, have a lift. You can also combine an augmentation and a lift, too.

It all depends on three things: what you want to achieve, the limitations of your body, and your long-term overall health and habits. For example, if you smoke, or if you drink heavily, then you wouldn’t be a candidate for any of the three procedures. Both activities interfere with healing processes, so they could cause complications.

Additionally, your doctor will advise you on how your weight could affect the results of your procedure. If you plan to lose a lot of weight, then the best idea would be to wait until you have finished losing what you want to lose first and then have the procedure. 

If you’re pregnant, or you’re planning to become pregnant, then you’ll have to wait after you’ve given birth to have any breast procedure.

Consulting with Dr. James E. Hardy

All three breast procedures in Jacksonville, FL are safe in the hands of Dr. Hardy. He knows that such procedures should be about achieving a new look that pleases you for yourself. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your goals, medical history, and other concerns and questions you have in mind.