Breast Reduction Jacksonville

Plastic surgery (reduction Mammoplasty) used for Breast Reduction is an enhancement that reshapes the breasts in order to make them smaller, lighter, and firmer. A Florida plastic surgeon like Dr. Hardy will remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to reduce the size of each breast while raising the nipple and areola if needed. In addition to the emotional and social anxiety often caused by large breasts, many women complain of pain related problems. Women who elect to have breast reduction surgery find they are able to lead a more comfortable, healthier life along with enjoying a more proportionate body shape.

Reasons for Considering a Breast Reduction:

  • Heavy Breasts – Large breasts can cause back, neck or shoulder pain.
  • Sagging Breasts – The size of the breasts has produced excessive sagging.
  • Oversized Breasts – Breasts are disproportionate to the woman’s body frame.
  • Large Breasts – The breast’s size and weight restricts the woman’s physical activities.
  • Burdensome Breasts – Painful bra strap marks or rash caused by heavy breasts.

General Breast Reduction Procedure

Dr. Hardy uses a popular technique for breast reduction surgery where he makes an incision creating a circle around each areola. The incision under the breast will usually follow the natural curvature of each breast. All excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin is removed and Dr. Hardy will reposition the nipple and areola for your desired look. The remaining breast skin is pulled tight and stitched together creating a smaller, firmer breast. If you’re suffering with heavy, sagging breasts, make an appointment to discuss your medical options.

When breast sag is less excessive, your cosmetic plastic surgeon will often recommend liposuction to reduce a patient’s breast size. Liposuction is a less invasive breast reduction procedure. The best breast reduction solution can be determined during your initial consultation when you visit the doctor. Results from breast reduction procedures produce some of the quickest body-image changes. After breast reduction surgery in Jacksonville, most patients are pleased with their re-proportioned body, enhanced appearance and better fitting clothes.

Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

To reduce your recovery time, Dr. Hardy will provide you with post-operative instructions calling for plenty of rest and limited movement to speed up the healing process. Post-surgical bandages are applied immediately following breast reduction surgery to aid the healing process by minimizing movement of the breasts. Once the bandages are removed, you can wear a normal bra (with no underwire) or a sports bra. Any pain from Jacksonville breast reduction surgery can usually be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers or milder prescription medications allowing you to get back to your normal routine in no time.

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