If you have lost a massive amount of weight after committing to a diet plan or exercise routine, or after having a major surgery, you may develop a lot of loose and excess sagging skin that won’t go away. That excess skin can make you look extremely unattractive and it can be very irritating to have and deal with during your daily activities. It can make doing simple things very difficult and even make you want to keep certain parts of your body hidden.

You may feel as if you cannot wear the clothes that you like and will be ashamed to go out in public. Luckily there is a type of plastic surgery available that can help get rid of all that sagging skin that hangs.

The Body Lift Procedure

A body lift is a type of plastic surgery that can help remove or get rid of excess skin that is left behind after a person has lost a massive amount of weight. This weight loss could be due to diet, exercise or after having bariatric surgery or liposuction done. A dramatic decrease in weight can cause someone to develop excess sagging skin and stubborn fat deposits on different parts of their body. In cases like these, a body lift is the ideal solution.

A body lift can help you achieve a more contoured and shapely figure and allow you to wear the clothes that you like and be proud of your body again.

The Areas That Can Be Treated With A Body Lift

Any person who has excess skin and fat on the upper, middle, or lower region of the body can benefit from a body lift. The surgery can be customized to suit the needs of a specific individual. Before the surgical process can begin, the surgeon will perform a preliminary examination to assess and determine what type of body lift would be best suited for you.

A body lift can help get rid of the excess skin, fat as well as tissue from any part of the body. If the excess skin and fat are in the midsection, then it is preferable for the person undergoing the procedure to opt for a full body lift. Those with specific needs in the lower or upper region of the body can opt for a lower body lift or an upper body lift.

A body lift can help reshape and re-contour the abdominal area, the thighs, and buttocks, as well as the lower back. The entire circumference of the thigh can be corrected with the help of a body lift as well.

How Is A Body Lift Performed?

If your are in good general health and are deemed a good candidate, your surgeon will clear you to undergo the procedure. To begin the process, your surgeon will make the necessary incisions in the areas of the body that require the body lift. This is usually in the midsection, lower body, thighs and buttock area. Incisions are made similar to a bikini pattern to tighten and reshape the lower body. They are strategically placed to limit the appearance of post-surgical marks.

Once your surgeon has gained access to the underlying tissues, he will then start to slowly remove the excess skin and fat, and reposition the remaining tissue. He might also use liposuction along with the surgery to remove any stubborn fat deposits. Once the surgical process is completed, the incisions are then closed.

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Improving the contours of your body through healthy eating and exercise is a great way to build great lifestyle habits and build a healthy body. These methods, however, don’t always provide the visual changes you desire. In such cases, a body lift is the ideal solution for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the treatment, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. James Hardy, a board-certified plastic surgeon, today!