People have been getting tattoos for centuries. People attach different meanings to their tattoos. Some of them have deep symbolic meanings while others are just for fun.

Over the last decade, the number of people getting tattoos has dramatically increased. This surge has also seen an increase in the number of people who regret getting their ink.

There are many reasons why someone would regret getting a design permanently tattooed. The most common reason is that they were young and naive when they got the tattoo. Fortunately for them, there are various techniques available to remove what was once a permanent fixture on your skin.

People who have previously tattooed the name of an ex or you got a symbol that you aren’t too happy about now can now breathe easy knowing that they won’t have to spend the rest of their lives looking at something that belongs in the past.

How Far Has Laser Technology Come?

Laser technology is one of the most innovative treatments in cosmetic medicine, especially in regard to getting rid of unwanted tattoos. The first lasers used Argon and carbon dioxide. Although they worked well, these lasers left visible scars and residual pigments. The process was also extremely painful.

Q-switched lasers made a breakthrough in the 1990s. These lasers worked using nanosecond technology and were far more effective compared to their predecessors. Besides aesthetic improvements, Q-switched lasers were also used to remove permanent tattoos. They could treat various color ranges and didn’t leave any scars.

Following the development of Q-switched lasers, there have been many tattoo removal laser treatments to hit the market. They have different brand names and use laser treatments to break down the ink in the tattoo, which then fades and completely disappears over time.

The Medlite C6 laser

With advancements in laser technology, cosmetic medicine has seen the development of various kinds of tattoo removal technologies. One treatment that has recently hit markets is the Medlite C6 laser, which is pretty much the gold standard in removing multi-colored and black tattoos.

Thanks to its results and cost-effectiveness, cosmetic surgeons around the world have placed their faith in the Medlite C6 laser treatment. This procedure helps people correct their mistakes and remove unwanted tattoos permanently.

Patients undergoing the Medlite C6 treatment will need to sit through a few sessions to ensure that their tattoos are completely removed. This procedure is safe, effective, and doesn’t cause any damage to the skin.

How does the Medlite C6 Laser Treatment Work?

Unlike earlier techniques, the Medlite C6 laser tattoo removal treatment is non-abrasive and safe. During the treatment, short pulses of light are directed to the tattoo, affecting only the pigments while leaving other areas of the skin unharmed.

This causes the ink molecules to break down into small fragments, which are absorbed into the patient’s bloodstream. They are then flushed out of the system naturally.

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