Dark spots and age spots on the skin are common signs of aging. Age spots are also known as liver spots and can occur in older and younger people as well due to excessive sun exposure. Age spots occur due to extra melanin production in the skin. Age spots can appear on the face, arms, and hands. These can appear as brown or black pigmentation and can vary in size.

Age spots don’t normally cause medical problems, but the pigmented skin can look unsightly and affect your appearance. One effective treatment for age spots is the MedLite C6 laser.

The MedLite C6 Laser Treatment

The MedLite C6 laser is an innovative treatment that utilizes the Q-switched Nd: YAG laser. It has been approved by the FDA to treat various skin problems such as acne scars, wrinkles, spider veins, and age spots.

MedLite C6 is also very effective for tattoo removal and overall skin rejuvenation. It is based on the PhotoAcoustic technology, which is different from other thermal or heat laser therapies. It involves short pulses but with greater intensity.

The C6 laser therapy utilizes light energy dispensed at extremely high speeds in the treatment area. The energy pulses are dispersed as nanosecond pulses. The process causes a gentle vibration and breaks down the molecules in the treatment area.

Treating Age Spots with MedLite C6 Laser

The MedLite C6 laser is extremely effective in treating age spots. The laser can target each spot individually and breakdown its molecular structure. It can target the pigmentation without damaging the nearby skin. The spots take on a white or lighter hue for a short duration of time as they absorb the laser energy.

The spots then become darker again and begin to disappear within a few days of the treatment. Within a week or two, you may notice a complete disappearance of the age spots from your skin after undergoing the MedLite C6 treatment. The skin also begins to heal at this point and begins to take on an even tone after the spots fade away.

The number of treatment sessions required may depend on individual conditions. You may be able to see visible improvements just after one session.

Reasons to Opt for the MedLite C6 Laser

The laser technology used to perform the treatment is safe. The advanced MedLite C6 laser will not harm your skin and provides exceptional results without the risk of complications. It is also a simple treatment that requires no downtime. You can continue with your daily routine right after your session is over.

After a few treatment sessions, your skin will be free of pigmentation of all kinds and look much more radiant. The MedLite C6 laser not only clears age spots but it is also known to boost collagen and elastin production in the treatment area. This can help improve your skin’s tone and texture.

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