In today’s day and age, we lose hair at alarming rates every single day. Blame it on the stress, genes, pollution, etc. The fact remains that every time you wash or comb your hair, you may see clumps of it on your bathroom floor or in your brush/comb.

For those of you who are balding or are seriously looking for a permanent solution to hair loss, you should consider a hair transplant. With today’s advanced technology, a hair transplant can give you natural looking hair that can fill in empty spaces on your scalp and give you a fuller head of hair.

Let us understand the hair transplant procedure in detail.

Before The Hair Transplant

As with all procedures, you will have to go for a consultation with your surgeon who will examine your scalp in detail to figure out the reason for your hair loss. You may also have to undergo a series of tests to determine the same.

If your test results show that you can benefit from a hair transplant, then your doctor will discuss the details of the treatment to give you a better understanding of what to expect from the treatment.

During The Hair Transplant

The actual hair transplant procedure can take anywhere between four to eight hours depending on how much hair needs to be transplanted. You may also be called for a second treatment session the next day.

The treatment is usually performed with a mild anesthetic to numb the scalp in preparation for the transplant. Your doctor will remove the healthy hair present on your scalp. They can either pick out individual hairs from your scalp or cut out a strip of skin along with your healthy hairs.

The first option will take more time but does not leave a post-surgical mark on your scalp as the second option does. Your surgeon will then get your scalp ready for transplant.

The team will then start packing the healthy hairs into the requisite area and once done, your scalp will be bandaged and you can go home. The team will give you instructions to properly care for your scalp at home. Ensure that you follow them carefully to experience the best results possible.

After the Hair Transplant

It is important to take care of your scalp for the initial two months after the hair transplant procedure. During this period, it is normal for the transplanted hair to fall out. By the 3rd month, your hair may look scanty, but that too is normal.

Most people start seeing the effects of the hair transplant procedure anywhere between six to nine months after the initial treatment. For some of you, it may take longer. During this period your surgeon may also prescribe medication for you to use to take care of your hair. Depending on the extent of your treatment the medication may include things that can help keep your hair healthy as it settles into the new area it’s in.

So if you want luscious locks, do your homework, choose a recommended hair transplant surgeon and go for it!

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