Breast implants are a form of breast augmentation surgery for women who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their natural breasts. This cosmetic procedure requires artificial implants to be inserted into a woman’s breast cavities.

The implants are designed based on the patients shape and size preferences. Before a silicone breast implant can be performed, the patient is required to go through a general evaluation by the physician and surgeon. The purpose of the evaluation is to be declared fit for the surgery as the process is invasive and the use of anesthesia is necessary.

It also gives the surgeon performing the procedure an opportunity to assess a patients body and develop a surgical plan to help reach their goals.

Types of Silicone Breast Implants

There are two kinds of silicone breast implants that are popular in cosmetic surgeries. An overview of their properties and function are mentioned below.

General silicone implants – These implants are filled with silicone gel and resemble the feel of natural breasts. One of the major advantages of silicone gel-filled implants over saline implants is that, they feel more natural and offer an improved shape. This makes silicone gel implants a popular choice among women undergoing the procedure. Additionally, silicone implants offer a greater degree of customization to the shape and structure of the breasts.

Gummy bear breast implants – Also known as stable form implants, are known to maintain their shape and rigidity even after the covering layer has broken down. The gel that is inside is thicker than normal silicone gel implants and does not lose its form. These gummy bear implants are firmer and are projected more towards the bottom with a tapering at the top. The only issue with such implants is that it can lead to an uneven shape if the implants rotate.

Round Implants – Round breast implants are used to make the breasts appear fuller and more firm than form stable implants. Expensive forms of round silicone implants can help achieve the desired projection.

Smooth Implants – Smooth implants are used to give the breasts an extremely soft feel and structure. These smooth silicone implants can shift around with the breast pockets and provides for a more natural movement. These implants sometimes result in the rippling of the skin under the breasts.

Proper Placement of Silicone Implants

There are two preferred locations for placing silicone implants. One is the pocket over the pectoral muscle known as the subglandular and the other is below the pectoral, also known as subpectoral.

During a consultation with your surgeon, you can talk about what you expect from the procedure and decide on the location that suits you the best. Your body type, the nature of the implant, and your desired results are taken into consideration when deciding between the two locations.

With subglandular placement, recovery is usually sooner and placing it in the subpectoral region reduces the chance of a capsular contracture occurring. There are pros and cons associated with both locations so it is best to follow your surgeon’s advice to ensure the best results possible.

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