Similar to the breast implant procedure, the buttocks implant surgery requires artificial implants to be placed either under or over the muscle for enhancing the shape and size of your butt. The cosmetic procedure is also often referred to as a butt augmentation and is different from the other popular butt enhancement surgery, the Brazilian butt lift.

A lot of men and women become conscious about the flat shape of their buttock even though they might exercise rigorously to enhance and tone their gluteal muscle. With buttocks implants it is possible to achieve a more aesthetically proportionate physique.

Patients report feeling more confident about themselves and about wearing different kinds of clothes after a buttocks implant procedure. Whether you inherited a flat buttocks or lost volume and shape after extreme weight loss, natural aging, or illness, an implant can add the needed volume to your flat buttocks and help restore its natural appeal.

The Procedure

Implants are considered to be the ideal way of treating a poorly defined or flat buttocks, especially if you have very little fatty tissue which is necessary for a successful Brazilian butt lift. For buttocks implant, your cosmetic surgeon will place a soft silicone implant via an incision that is concealed in your natural butt crease.

Most plastic surgeons offer additional details about the incision sites at the time of the initial consultation. Your surgeon will position the implant in a flap underneath the gluteal muscle and over your pelvic bone. He will make use of sutures for closing the incisions and insert drains to accumulate any excess blood or fluid.

Patients are typically advised to wear a compression garment for about 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery. The compression garment is helpful in re-draping the skin and offers support to your augmented buttocks.

The final results of a buttocks implants procedure are usually visible after three months. By this time, almost all the swelling disappears and the implants get settled into a normal position.

Am I a Good Candidate for Buttocks Implants?

Most people like to consider a buttocks implant procedure for one or more of the following reasons:

• Their buttocks may be very small for their body frame.
• They wish to achieve a more proportionate physique.
• Swimwear and other clothing may look baggy on their lower body frame.
• Natural aging or weight loss has left them with a flat, loose, or sagging buttocks.
• The size or shape of the buttocks makes them feel self-conscious.

Those who enjoy good health in general and have realistic expectations and a positive attitude are considered good candidates for the buttocks implants procedure.

Prior to the procedure, your doctor might ask you to follow some necessary preparatory steps. These could include getting a blood test, quitting smoking, avoiding any kind of anti-inflammatory drugs, and aspirin (as chances of bleeding could increase). It is critical to follow the pre-surgery instructions given by your doctor.

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