Chemical peels are treatments that utilize acidic solutions to correct various skin problems. It can be done at various depths and with different types of chemicals. A deep peel penetrates deep inside the middle layer of the skin to offer complete rejuvenation and a reprieve from several age-related problems.

Deep Chemical Peels

Deep chemical peels are done using solutions like phenol or trichloroacetic acid. The acidic solution is allowed to enter the middle layer of the skin at greater depth. After a while, the skin will begin to peel off to reveal a new dermal layer. You may feel a slight burning sensation on the skin with deep peels, but this is a sign that it is actively working to improve the look and feel of skin. The feeling will subside soon after the treatment is completed.

Deep chemical peels are not done frequently as it is a potent treatment. With one treatment alone, you can expect to see remarkable results. Usually, it is done once a year or as recommended by your doctor.

After undergoing a deep peel treatment, your skin will be sensitive for some time and will continue to peel. During this time, you may need to use special ointments prescribed by your doctor to keep your skin safe. You will also need to use sunscreen and avoid excessive sun exposure. It is also advised that you refrain from smoking and using excessive amounts of makeup as it can help improve your results.

If necessary, your doctor can also prescribe certain medications to help ease any lingering discomfort you may experience.

The Uses and Benefits of Deep Chemical Peels

A deep chemical peel works wonders in removing fine lines and wrinkles from the face. It is effective on both mild to severe cases of wrinkles. It is extremely beneficial in correcting blemishes and pigmentation that appear on the skin due to aging, hormonal problems, pregnancy, or sun exposure. If you have age spots, then undergoing a deep peel treatment can leave you with smoother skin without any blemishes.

Deep peels are also effective in removing scars and eliminating acne. If your skin contains severe scars from acne, deep peels can remove them substantially with a single treatment. It can also remove skin growths.

Deep peels are also useful for rejuvenating the skin. Even if you have no serious skin-related concerns, you can undergo a deep peel treatment for complete rejuvenation of your skin. It can brighten the skin and make it more radiant.

Learn More About Deep Chemical Peels

Chemical peels utilize acidic solutions to make improvements to the skin. These need to be applied to the skin carefully and as needed. More acid won’t lead to enhanced effects. In fact, it can cause burning and other side effects.

The chemical also needs to penetrate the skin deeply, which means several applications throughout the treatment are necessary. Before undergoing a treatment like this, it is best to consult an experienced cosmetic doctor to learn more about the process.

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