For women looking for improved contours, a breast lift or breast implants may prove to be great choices. While a breast lift involves trimming excess skin and tightening muscles to improve the appearance of sagging breasts, breast implants are artificial sacs filled with saline water or silicone, which are inserted underneath the chest muscles, to enhance their shape and size.

These procedures are not always mutually exclusive. Some women may find better results by utilizing both treatments. They can eliminate sagging and also add volume to the breasts. If you are aiming for a more full and shapelier figure, your doctor may recommend both procedures for you.

Are You a Good Candidate?

As with any kind of cosmetic surgery, You will need to understand the details of the procedure and the potential results it can provide. Your expectations will also have to be realistic. If you are aiming to eliminate your sagging breasts and also increase their shape and size, these procedures are suited for you.


A breast implant usually involves a smaller incision, placed under the breasts or around the areola, to minimize the appearance of post-surgical marks. A breast lift can involve different types of incisions, depending on the patient’s requirements. Surgeons always plan for minimal post-surgical marks by keeping incisions as small as possible and placing them where they would be hidden under the folds of the skin.


Many women prefer to undergo both surgeries the same day. This ensures minimal downtime. As with most surgical procedures, many patients may experience swelling and some discomfort. These can be decreased with medications and other methods. Also, you will need to wear a supportive bandage as the incision heals, to offer support to the breasts.

You will need to plan for a few weeks of recuperation time, although you can return to work earlier. You should avoid heavy activities for a few weeks following surgeries, although most patients are able to resume most of their daily routine a few days after the surgery.


Many doctors use dissolvable sutures so you don’t have to visit the clinic again to have them removed. This eliminates the discomfort and additional time off you might have otherwise needed. With the rapid advance in technology, experienced surgeons may also utilize 3D graphics to plan the incision placement and give patients an idea of the possible results.

For many women dealing with the loss of breast volume and sagging, a breast lift with implants can offer a more proportionate body with improved contours. Whether the sagging and loss of volume result from age, pregnancy, or other factors, these procedures should help patients deal with a problem that can cause self consciousness and low self-esteem.

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