When turning a house into a home, one ponders over every little detail of every corner to make it perfect for them. Of these decisions, the ones regarding windows, in particular, stand out. Opening them brings warmth, a gust of fresh air but most important of it all, it brings a smile. As the famous proverb goes, “Eyes are the windows to our soul.”

It only becomes imperative that we care of these windows which allow us to experience the magnanimity of all that life has to offer. Eyes are what make our faces warm and welcoming. It brings life to our other features, and helps in making you appear more approachable.

However, when we grow old, our skin cannot keep up with the youth we hold in our hearts. It begins to sag and our face is the first place where it begins to become evident. One such product of this sagging is droopy upper-eyelids. They can make our face lose its charm and also impair our field of vision at times. However, with the miracles of modern plastic surgery techniques, correcting this sag has now become easy.

Blepharoplasty – A Solution to Correct Sagging Eyelids

Due to the aging process and sun damage, the elasticity of our skin deteriorates over the course of time. This can lead to droopy upper eyelids. The underlying muscles will weaken and the fat on the eyelid loses its flexibility and may appear to hang lower as one gets older.

This can also be a genetic condition where the person is naturally born with large pockets of fat pockets over their eyelids thus making them sag. Along with skewing our facial aesthetics, sagging eyelids can also hinder one’s vision which may restrict a person from driving and performing other visually dependent activities.

With a blepharoplasty surgery, the doctor performing the procedure places a small incision and usually snips the drooping skin stitching the eyelid back together. In some cases, the doctor has to remove some fat and tighten the muscles to correctly tighten the eyelid position.

The procedure usually takes less than an hour with minimal scarring. The recovery time period for this surgery is usually short and the results can be seen soon. The eyelids are lifted back up to their original position making the face aesthetically pleasing and also correcting the field of vision.

Cosmetic Luxury Versus Necessity

Blepharoplasty or eyelid lifts are generally considered to be cosmetic procedures since a majority of the population undergoes this procedure to improve their appearance. Eyelid lifts help regain a certain youthful look around the eyes that enhances other features of our face. However, in some cases when the droopiness begins to interfere with our vision and ability to perform daily tasks, it becomes a necessity.

The surgery is popular with people who are genetically predisposed to developing large fat pockets over their eyelids. Undergoing this surgery can help lift the skin around the eyes and give them a more aesthetically pleasing and functional look.

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