Looking young and vibrant, and feeling full of energy for as many years as possible is a dream that many people can relate to. Nowadays people are eating healthier, working out more, and finding ways to distress in an attempt to preserve their bodies and minds.

There are many things that are out of our control, however, and try as we may, we cannot turn back the hands of time to return to our more youthful days. One of the main and most dreaded signs of aging is the appearance of wrinkles.

As our skin starts to lose its elasticity, fine lines and creases start to appear on our faces. It is as if every laugh and smile leaves behind a small echo and unfortunately, so does every frown.

Here we are though, in the day and age of modern medicine where there is a cure or solution for almost everything and that includes wrinkles. The magic of modern medical research has brought to us a bacterial neurotoxin called Botulinum toxin which helps reduce wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin, more commonly known as Botox is an injectable treatment that is administered to help relax the muscles responsible for the development of wrinkles. The relaxation of the facial muscles eliminates wrinkles to a certain extent and helps to bring back one’s youthful good looks.

How Botox Works

Wrinkles are the creases that appear on our skin when we laugh or frown and over time these creases start to become more permanent. Botox is effective in reducing wrinkles and smoothing out the skin on the face. The effects provided by this treatment may last for three to six months, after which another dose of the injection might be required.

What You Should Know

• Botox injections should only be administered by a trusted medical professional who has a history of delivering good results.
• Depending on your skin type, the extent of wrinkles, and desired results, the doctor will decide how to administer the Botox most effectively. The number of injections will also be decided
• Botox is a relatively safe procedure but it is better to be aware of any risks that might be involved like allergic reactions to the injection. Discuss all medical conditions, allergies, and medication you are taking with your doctor before you proceed to undergo the Botox treatment.

The Benefits of Botox

• Botox wrinkle treatment has shown visible improvements in the reduction of wrinkles
• The procedure is relatively simple and can be done in as little as 15 minutes
• Some pain might be experienced at the sight of the injection but this passes quickly
• The results can last up to six months
• The procedure is safe and has shown no major side effects

Botox treatment is a quick and effective way of getting rid of unfavourable wrinkles. The treatment is most effective after the onset of wrinkles and is not recommended as a preventive measure. It helps to know all your facts if you decided to get Botox treatment done and always consult a well-qualified professional.

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