Are you feeling disheartened and discouraged by the numbers on your scale even after committing to intense weight loss efforts? Has a strict exercise and diet regime done you no good? Well, you are not alone in the struggle. There are millions of us who have given it our all without being able to shed the extra pounds and achieve the perfect runway figure.

Committing to a weight loss routine where you don’t see any type of progress can be stress inducing. Fortunately, there is a simple cosmetic procedure, known as liposuction, that can assist you in eliminating excess baggage and boost your ability to attain the beautifully contoured and slender body of your dreams.

What is Liposuction and How Can it Help Eliminate Excess Fat

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that can assist in the removal of excess fat from the body and helps to restore the body’s natural contours, minus the flab. While there are a variety of new technologies that claim to eliminate excess fat, traditional liposuction has been proven to be the most effective and promising treatment of all.

While conventional weight loss methods such as exercise and fad diets cause a reduction in size of your fat cells, liposuction can permanently remove fat cells from the body. In other words, while the traditional weight loss methods are great for your overall health, they might not permanently cure your weight problem.

Liposuction ensures a reduction in the total number of fat cells present within your body, allowing you to achieve your aesthetic goals rapidly.

The Liposuction Procedure

Depending on the type of liposuction and the amount of tissue being removed, the surgery may take anywhere from an hour to two hours. Liposuction can be performed under the effects of local or general anesthesia. Your doctor will begin the operation by marking the areas of your body that need treatment.

He will make small incisions in the target site through which the excess fat cells will then be sucked out using a thin stainless steel tube instrument called a cannula. The cannula is inserted deep within the adipose tissue lying between the muscle and skin, and the fat cells are vacuumed out using a large syringe or pump. The incision is then sutured and left to heal.


Unless your needs require a more intensive procedure, you can get the surgery done as an outpatient procedure and return home right after the treatment. Your doctor might advise you to wear a compression garment on the treated area for a couple of weeks to restrict swelling and accumulation of fluids.

You may experience mild bruising or soreness after the procedure, but it can be treated with anti-inflammatory and analgesic medication.

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Liposuction can provide a number of benefits to those who have problems eliminating stubborn fat. If you’re tired of spending a large portion of your time in the gym and have a hard time noticing any progress, you should contact us today. With the help of Dr. James Hardy, a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can achieve your goals and reach your ideal look.