Does a chemical peel sound dangerous and scary? Don’t worry. Chemical peels are one of the most skin-friendly facial rejuvenation treatments available for men and women. A chemical peel is similar to skin exfoliation. It uses a specially-created chemical solution, designed to get rid of the old, damaged, and dirty layers of the skin.

Light chemical peels, in particular, are very effective for facial rejuvenation and have the least-invasive impact on your skin.

What Is A Light Chemical Peel And How Does It Help?

Light chemical peels are glycolic acid peels which target the surface level of the skin. They are ideal to stimulate the generation of new dermal cells and to improve the appearance of the skin by making it clearer, brighter, and smoother.

Glycolic acid is part of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family and it has the ability to penetrate the skin at the cellular level, without being too invasive on your skin. The light chemical peel is designed to separate the top-most layer of skin, which is mostly comprised of dead skin cells and pollutants, from the healthy skin underneath. The glycolic acid in the peel makes this top layer of the skin fall-off, leaving behind fresh, young, and vibrant skin.

Some medical practitioners also use salicylic acid and maleic acid in place of the glycolic acid during the treatment. This should be no cause for concern. All three of these acids are very mild & gentle on the skin, have an immensely beneficial impact, and help unclog your pores and rejuvenate your facial skin in no time.

The Benefits of The Light Chemical Peel

Some of the main benefits of a light chemical peel include:

• Reduction in pigmentation, melasma, and skin discoloration.
• Improvement in the texture, tone, and complexion of your skin.
• Reduction in the number of superficial acne and acne scars on the skin.
• Increased skin elasticity.
• Reduction in surface wrinkles and fine lines.
• Improved hydration and pH levels of the skin.

Look Radiant With A Glycolic Acid Peel

Unlike other facial rejuvenation treatments which require time to show results, light chemical peels provide instantaneous benefits. Minutes after the chemical peel, you’ll see how your skin has regained its color and sheen and how there are fewer spots, marks, and fine lines.

But, the biggest advantage of a light chemical peel is the zero downtime associated with it. The peel takes about 45-60 minutes to complete and you can get back to your routine immediately after. There are no rest days or severe aftercare procedures that need to be followed.

Just make sure to keep your skin protected from the sun, hydrate, and moisturize to ensure your flawless new skin retains the beautiful results of the peel for a long time.

So, How Is The Light Chemical Peel Treatment Performed?

The light chemical peel procedure is a very short procedure that is completely non-invasive. Your face is cleansed to remove any dirt and grime. A thin layer of the chemical solution is applied onto your face and it is allowed to rest for a while. Then, a special solution is used to clean-off the peel. It’s that simple!

You can get a light chemical peel once every two to five weeks, depending on the type of results you want.

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