A Neck lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery procedure that is performed to improve the appearance of an aging jawline and neck. Through this surgery, the visible signs of aging such as fat deposition and relaxed skin in the region of the lower face that contributes to the formation of jowls are removed.

Developing sagging skin in the neck can be caused by a number of different external factors and genetic predispositions. Stress is also identified as one of the main causative agents of accelerated aging.

A neck lift is the solution for those patients who aren’t pleased with the appearance of their necks and are apprehensive about undergoing a complete face lift. If you’re unsatisfied with the sagging skin on your neck and as a result, you have a double chin, turkey neck, or jowl lines, a neck lift is the perfect procedure for you.

The Ideal Neck Contour

An ideal neck contour is one where the chin offers a triangular shape to the face by projecting forward at a slight angle. This protrusion is only as far as the lower lip in women and slightly farther in men. Also, the region under the chin does not droop down with sagging skin, but is flat.

A youthful neck region forms an angle with the chin without any visible bandings and the jaws contours are clearly visible without any jowl lines.

Is a Neck Lift the Right Option for You?

Those who feel that their neck region displays the visible signs of aging and the loss of skin elasticity are good candidates for a neck lift. Aging affects all superficial features of the skin. In some regions these signs are more evident than others. In general, patients with these symptoms are fit for a neck lift:

• Loss of cervico-mental (jaw line) angle
• Appearance of triple or double chin
• Skin lax
• Shortened appearance of the neck
• Appearance of turkey bands

The Benefits of a Neck Lift

The primary objective of a neck lift is to improve the look of the neck by removing any excess sagging skin and fat. Its benefits include:

• Redefining the jaw line to offer a more youthful looking neck
• Recreating an angular neck
• Neck rejuvenation
• Complete removal of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin from the neck region
• Eliminating the appearance of turkey neck banding
• Triple and double chin correction
• Elongating a neck that appears shunted due to excess skin

In addition to a dramatic change in your physical appearance, one of the biggest advantages of having a neck lift is that others can barely tell that you’ve had any work done. Any resulting post-surgical marks are placed is such a way that it is hidden.

There are two incisions made, one along the crease of the ear and another below the chin. Depending on your individual needs that should be addressed, your surgeon will either make an incision to remove excess skin or slacking muscle. Liposuction can also be combined with a neck lift to drain out excess fat accumulation.

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