Hair Transplant Jacksonville

Hair TransplantDr. Hardy is proud to provide Jacksonville with his Hair Transplant Services. He is one of the very few plastic surgeons in the Jacksonville area that performs hair transplant surgery for men and women who are experiencing hair loss. Dr. Hardy’s patients are able to have this procedure performed in his state of the art office. He performs the surgery all while supervising his group of hair transplant specialists who only perform hair transplantation. Our staff specializes in providing the ultimate in luxurious patient care, here’s what to expect:

Your experience begins with the consultation. At this time, Dr. Hardy takes time to analyze your individual condition and decide what treatment is best for you.

Propecia and Rogaine are products that help many hair loss patients and you will be instructed further on the use of these products at the time of your consultation.

If you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery, your hair replacement procedure can be performed in the office setting. You will enjoy being pampered in Dr. Hardy’s Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa.

During your procedure, a patch of hair baring scalp is used to gather hair follicles for transplantation. The follicles are then prepared under the magnification of a microscope with specialized instruments.

Next the hair follicles are placed into the areas of balding using magnifying lenses and meticulous technique to insure that the placement of each follicle is exactly where is needs to be.

Hair TransplantThe final result is you own hair growing in the areas that were previously bald. This office procedure can often be performed in only one session, although this depends on the individual.

Swim, comb and wash your hair without being self conscious. Your significant other can run their fingers through your hair without the need you be embarrassed. Increase your self confidence in social settings. Dr. Hardy is a plastic surgeon who has earned the trust of countless of patients over the course of his career. You can feel confident entrusting your hair loss treatment to Dr. Hardy and his Jacksonville staff of dedicated Florida hair transplant specialists.

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*$50 Consultation fee for virtual and live appointments. Will go towards your procedure or surgery.